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Cdn Services by Hostafy

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Cdn Services by Hostafy

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Cdn Services by Hostafy
Instant Activation

Hostafy CDN is easy to set up and manage – and we’re here to help if you need it.

Cdn Services by Hostafy
Intuitive Control Panel

Manage your content and reporting in a streamlined UI.

Cdn Services by Hostafy
Rich Media Support

Accelerate HTML, CSS, Javascript, images, JSON, XML, multi-format video, flash, audio and more.

Cdn Services by Hostafy
Fingertip Reporting

Real time data helps you understand which users need your content, and where.

Cdn Services by Hostafy
Purge and Archive

Kill out-of-date content, and gzip automatically.

Cdn Services by Hostafy
Persistent Connection

Maximize delivery speed with persistent edge server to client connections.

Cdn Services by Hostafy
Automatic Failover

If there’s a problem with a PoP, we failover automatically to keep your content flowing.

Cdn Services by Hostafy
Global Load Balancing

Our smart DNS infrastructure ensures your content is served from the best location.

Cdn Platform

India’s Own CDN Platform

Hostafy has high-end Dedicated server hosting that are your ready solutions to any business-critical challenge. Hostafy Data Center has the right environment, expertise, and verbatim-delivered SLAs that make our solutions rock-solid for your business performance and peace of mind.

With guerilla security, powerful hardware, and a prime location, Hostafy offers cheap dedicated server hosting in India that have answers to any operational challenge. We help you create a robust ecosystem for your business. Our dedicated server is specially built for data backup centers, hosting companies, or companies that need a completely secured environment for their mission-critical data. Remember, you will not only buy a server with Hostafy but also get an expert hosting solution.

Cdn Services by Hostafy
Improve Load times
of Website
Cdn Services by Hostafy
Reduce bandwidth
Cdn Services by Hostafy
Improvements in Content
Cdn Services by Hostafy
Enhance Website

Why Hostafy CDN is right for you

Cdn Services by Hostafy

Easily and reliably scale your streams to reach global audiences of any size. Encode videos at your studio and send a single-source stream for live video broadcasting

Cdn Services by Hostafy

By intelligently balancing your content delivery needs across multiple Edge servers, you mitigate the impact of performance glitches. Get the best performance for all traffic types, in all regions.

Cdn Services by Hostafy

Hostafy has vast experience in delivering HLS content and we have built our in-house unique features for HLS delivery like ram caching, security token and specific HTTP rules set.

Cdn Services by Hostafy

Each edge server is meticulously crafted with High performance RAM, 100% SSD coverage, and much more.


What Our Client says

Common FAQs

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of strategically located servers or data centers that work together to deliver web content, such as images, videos, scripts, and web pages, to users more efficiently and quickly.

CDNs work by caching and storing copies of website content on multiple servers distributed in various geographic locations. When a user requests content, the CDN serves it from the server closest to the user, reducing latency and improving load times.

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) offers numerous benefits for websites and web applications. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Faster Website Loading Times
  • Improved User Experience
  • Global Accessibility
  • Reduced Bandwidth Costs
  • Increased Website Reliability
  • Security Enhancement

CDNs are compatible with most websites, regardless of the platform or hosting provider. They are particularly beneficial for websites with global or diverse audiences.

Hostafy offers CDN integration as part of its services. Contact our support team to set up a CDN for your website, and they will guide you through the process.

CDNs significantly reduce website load times by serving content from servers that are geographically closer to the user. This results in faster page loading and improved user experience.

Yes, CDNs can improve SEO by enhancing website performance, reducing bounce rates, and contributing to a better user experience. Fast-loading websites tend to rank higher in search engine results.